We create Smart Homes in Sustainable Houses for a more enjoyable lifestyle


A sustainable lifestyle is an enjoyable lifestyle

Our idea is to combine sustainable living with a more enjoyable lifestyle. It is as natural as it sounds. First, we build Sustainable Houses with the world’s toughest environmental requirements, with Passive House Technology, Nordic Ecolabel Svanen (LEED in USA) and with building materials that we feel good about. Then, we fill the houses with innovative Smart Home Solutions that save energy, helps make life easier and gives more time for what we love to do. Finally, we create social opportunities with natural meeting places and areas (such as greenhouses and electric car sharing), which provides a socially fulfilling and health-enhancing lifestyle.


The idea works equally well for houses, townhouses, multi-family houses and retirement homes. No matter what type of Jemmett Home you choose, living in a Smart Home is the best choice!


Welcome to Jemmett – the obvious choice for a sustainable lifestyle.