Sustainable houses

Smart homes

Sustainable Houses and Lifestyles

In our homes it is easier to choose a sustainable lifestyle. All our houses are optimized for a minimal environmental impact, partly because we exceed the world’s most strict environmental requirements, partly because we maximize the conditions to live sustainably in our homes.


Sustainable House

Our houses will give the world’s lowest environmental impact, thanks to the right building design and construction, production and storage of electricity, the right choice of material and the optimal conditions for living sustainably.


Passive House technology is the standard for all our houses. Passive houses are the world’s leading certification in terms of minimizing energy use. It places high demands on quality in construction and building materials. Read more about Passive House here.


Jemmett’s homes are Nordic Ecolabelled (in USA, Jemmett’s houses will be certified LEED Green Building) which means strict requirements on indoor environment and phasing out chemicals in building materials, energy-efficient household appliances, and external control of the building. Read more about Nordic Ecolabel here.


All houses are fully integrated solar panels that are connected to its own storage of electricity to achieve a balance between production and the use of electricity for your home. It makes the house a Zero Energy House and in some cases Plus Energy house. The overproduction of the electricity can then be sold to electricity companies.


Wood-based raw materials in the structure of the house and insulation dominate. Wood is a natural material that creates good conditions for building sustainable, in regards to the earth’s natural resources. In Sweden, we have good access to forests and wood products to our houses.


A sustainable lifestyle with a plus

All our residential areas are equipped with greenhouses and gardening plots and an electric car sharing. In the condominiums, there is also with tool sharing for the things we don’t use every day.

With our Smart Home Solution, you also control your power production, heat, lighting and your robots for lawn mowing and vacuuming.


Healthy house

The interior quality of a Passive house is high. Proper filtered airflow is distributed to all rooms and drafts are completely avoided. With the right choice of materials, we phase out harmful chemicals that are usually found in most houses. This will increase our chances of keeping us healthier.


Our Sustainable Houses – briefly:

  • Certified according to Passive House for minimized energy use
  • Nordic Svanen Ecolabeled for minimal climate impact and better health
  • Wood-based natural materials in construction, beams and insulation
  • Solar panels with battery storage for own production
  • Zero energy and in some cases plus energy
  • Electric car sharing and, in some cases, tool sharing
  • Greenhouse and gardening plots