The feeling of being able to influence your own finances is an important part of a sustainable lifestyle and one of the pillars of our concept.


In a Passive House you save energy costs for heating. And by producing and storing your own electricity from the sun, the household costs are also significantly lower.


Because, in part, you have an overproduction of electricity that you sell to the grid company, you have a credit capital that keeps your electricity bills remaining low for the rest of the year.


In each residential area there is an electric car sharing that you use with your neighbors. This allows you to save money on your car expenses.


For the same reason, we are developing tool sharing and similar solutions in order to lower your unnecessary consumption. With greenhouses and gardening plots, you will have the choice to grow your own vegetables, which can also save a part of your household budget.


Quality that reduces operating costs

Our houses and apartments are produced efficiently and with high quality in implementation and construction. With Passive Houses and Nordic Svanen label as certifications, you will get a house or apartment that is thoroughly inspected and tested before they are completed and delivered to you.


These are quality guarantees that greatly effect your operating costs compared to a traditionally built houses and will give a positive impact on your property value.